Photo Adventures Camera Club

THE Camera Club in Port Charlotte

The Photo Adventures Camera Club, Port Charlotte's Camera Club has been an active and thriving hub of for photographers since 2003. Among the original group were experienced professionals and amateurs alike, with a common goal of creating a venue to share their knowledge, information, techniques and critiques. We share an interest in all forms of photography, including color and monochrome prints and digital images. Subject matter varies widely, including but not limited to Nature, Landscapes and Portraits.

2023 Monthly Themes

January 26th - Bridges
February 23rd - Use A Flash
March 23rd - Panoramas
April 27th - Still Life
May 25th - Gardens
June 22nd - Bees
July 27th - At The Zoo
August 24th - HUGE Vistas
September 28th - Water Drops
October 26th (Canceled)
November 9th - Long Exposure (Over 15 secs) & Rainy Day
December 14th - Soft Focus - Annual Holiday Party

All 2022 Theme images must be shot after Dec. 1st, 2022.

Monthly Meeting Agenda

First Meeting of the Month

Show & Tell
Programs & Speakers (When Available)

2nd Meeting of the Month

Monthly Themed Images
Non-Themed Show & Tell
Learning Lab as scheduled

In this (somewhat) post Covid world, we are now meeting in person as well as meeting on Zoom.  We ask that all attendees be personally responsible with your health.  Stay up to date on your Covid boosters and Flu shots please.  If you feel ill, please stay home.

In person meetings are at:
Seventh Day Adventist Day Church School
2036 Loveland Boulevard
Port Charlotte, FL   33980


Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month (throughout the year) from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The 2nd meeting in the months of November and December is cancelled due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Sometimes we meet on Zoom as conditions dictate.


Club dues for 2023 will be an affordable $20 per year. The year runs from January to December.

For existing members, the dues are due the first meeting in January. Club

Dues cover a variety of expenses to operate the club, the largest of which is to bring in speakers who always have awesome information and tips! We also have other expenses for the website & outings etc.


Seriously! We’re a camera club. We sincerely want every level of photographer to come join us! Novices to Pros.  The joy is in the sharing and learning.

Our meetings and field trips almost always have segments and programs which speak to every level of photographer.  We're all in it for the same reason, for fun and learning this incredible art & skill.


This photography community is like no other.  We love to share. We love to teach. We love to go out together, and we'll even take you to that secret spot (that's not so secret) to get the shots the pros get.  Oh, and we've got some pros to show and help you!  Some are leaders in the Florida Camera Club Council, some are Judges for the council, even a photo workshop owner who loves to teach!

Most of us are retired (or working on it) but many of us have been shooting photos for many years and have just recently "gotten the bug".  If you're in that group, come join us and you'll leave with a project and a desire to return, show and tell!

Here's What We Have Planned All Year Long


Each month will have a theme assigned to it. The members will be challenged to shoot images which match the theme. The images will be submitted at each of our monthly meetings. This is a great way to increase your skill set by getting out of your comfort zone and practicing some purposeful photography.


LEARNING LABS will be conducted by more experienced members in order to help teach specific skills or topics. They may be more intricate camera settings or new techniques like HDR, Focus Stacking, Layers in Photoshop, How To Use Lightroom etc. We will also be conducting Learning Labs on Composition. All of these topics came from a recent survey of our members on what they wanted to learn.


We have a monthly speaker presenting on fun, exciting and learning topics for photographers. Many times the speakers are some of our club's leaders and other times we have invited speakers.