Snowy Egret In Mirror

Mike Jensen Linda ONeill

Was experimenting with a mirror on the beach. While lining up the mirror this Snowey Egret walked by just at the right time.

Black Cat

Mike Jensen Linda ONeill

This cat had a little  bit of white under the chin. I wanted to take off the white and leave just what you see there. Had to add back some whiskers.


The Great White Egret

Mike Jensen Linda ONeill

This Great White Egret was taken at Gatorland and added a plug in Impressions to get the final effect. Nikon D700, ISO 1250, 1/1000 sec, f8, 405mm

Egret Reflection by Linda ONeill

Egret Reflection

Mike Jensen Linda ONeill

Took this picture sitting in my car by a retention pond off Shreve St. in Punta Gorda. Nikon D90, ISO 640, 1/750th sec, f6.3, 277mm